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Engineer of the Year Award

The EYA is an annual Award that is handed out to one of our most impactful engineers as voted on by their peers. The award is given as result of a 100% employee nominated process, which leadership only affects in the event of a tie.

The award is a way to say “Thank You” to an engineer for going above and beyond their normal scope of work, taking ownership and driving results designed to show peer to peer recognition to all of those engineers that exemplify UTG’s Values.

Our team voted Greg Pallansch as the UTG Engineer of the Year for 2018.


Greg Pallansch

Security Manager

Although Greg has not been with UTG long, he has quickly become one of the top engineers in the NOC. Greg has proactively improved the cyber security of UTG’s clients by optimizing our managed intrusion detection/prevention services based on Cisco Firepower technology. Additionally, Greg was instrumental in implementing centralized control and quality assurance for our clients’ Cisco ASA firewalls, leveraging the capabilities of Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO).

He continues to lead all engineers with the number of tickets closed each week and is one of the go-to technical engineers for the NOC team. With his ability to tackle these projects and his willingness to always help wherever needed, it’s no wonder he’s been a 3-time nominee for the Quarterly Growth Award. Thank you for all you do, Greg!

Quarterly Growth Award

Every month, the leadership team recognizes someone on our, already incredible team, that went above and beyond as a team member. We call this the Growth Award. Each quarter the award is given a special name based on the reason it is being awarded.

2019 Q4 Growth Award – The “Stretch Armstrong” Award

When you’re growing a business, you need people onboard that can stretch their imaginations, time, skillsets, and comfort zones to accomplish amazing things. The 2019 Q4 Growth Award was named the “Stretch Armstrong” award in this spirit.

Nathan Sanders manages our systems and tools at UTG. While executing his many other responsibilities, he found a problem that couldn’t be fixed with off the shelf products. He then taught himself how to code in order to develop and implement a solution. Talk about stretching yourself! Congratulations Nathan on being awarded the “Stretch Armstrong” award!


Nathan Sander

Systems and Tools Manager

Nathan has been an important part of the UTG team for over 5 years. He is the high level visionary for our integrated systems as the Systems and Tools Manager and makes sure that new technology or software fits into our toolbox seamlessly. Nathan has a keen ability to champion innovation and has solved many challenges with flexible and scalable solutions for both internal and external customers. He is recognized as a Technology Evangelist and has success devising and implementing solutions that reduce costs and deliver strong ROI.

Nathan came to UTG with over 15 years of experience as a Technical Engineer, Project Manager, and entrepreneur. At UTG, we are grateful for Nathan’s ability to be stretched and challenged with problems which he attacks with a positive and get the job done attitude. Congratulations, Nathan on being awarded the Q4 2018 – Stretch Armstrong Award.

Pass the Baton

These are employees that have been recognized by their peers at our Quarterly Meeting as exemplifying one of our 4 Core Values.



Craig Hower

HR Manager

He implemented JobVite and has really helped grow the business by creating talent acquisition efficiencies.



Adam Jennings

Account Executive

He pushes hard sometimes but it's true teamwork. We've really worked together and it's the customer who benefits.



Suzanne Daymound

Staff Acountant

She is wiling to help even when there is a difficult situation. She helps both internally and externally and really holds people accountable.



Kris Searcy

Project Manager

She's always there, always dependable, and always nice to everyone!

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