UTG Life – 2018 Q3


Quarterly Growth Award

Every month, the leadership team recognizes someone on our, already incredible team, that went above and beyond as a team member. We call this the Growth Award. Each quarter the award is given a special name based on the reason it is being awarded.

Q3 Growth Award – The “Even Keel” Award

In the I.T. world, things can get stressful and high energy quickly when something goes down or an IT event occurs. The Q3 Award was named the “Even Keel” award because in addition to being an amazing team member and expert engineer, Greg Pallansch is known for keeping a steady and level head to get things up and running quickly! Congratulations, Greg for being awarded the “Even Keel” award!


Greg Pallansch

Security Manager

Although Greg has not been with UTG long, he has quickly become one of the top engineers in the NOC. Greg has proactively improved the cyber security of UTG’s clients by optimizing our managed intrusion detection/prevention services based on Cisco Firepower technology. Additionally, Greg was instrumental in implementing centralized control and quality assurance for our clients’ Cisco ASA firewalls, leveraging the capabilities of Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO).

He continues to lead all engineers with the number of tickets closed each week and is one of the go-to technical engineers for the NOC team. With his ability to tackle these projects and his willingness to always help wherever needed, it’s no wonder he’s been a 3-time nominee for the Quarterly Growth Award. Thank you for all you do, Greg!

Pass the Baton

These are employees that have been recognized by their peers at our Quarterly Meeting as exemplifying one of our 4 Core Values.



Bill Wright

NOC Manager

He develops his team and I have watched him grow his team.



Josh Dooley

Solutions Architect

He was a big help transitioning to the PS team. He is always available anytime I need help.



Brian Bassham

Account Manager

He keeps me accountable for my job and those on our team.



Jennifer Martin

HR/Procurement Coordinator

You can always count on Jennifer to accommodate any of the crazy changes that we throw at her.

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