Although the cloud is increasingly appropriate for many solutions and situations, it's definitely not “one-solution fits all”.

There are several instances in which an on-premise solution is more appropriate. Probably the most common is to leverage existing investments in on-premise infrastructure.

Other good reasons to choose on-premise solutions

  • Accounting / tax strategies—sometimes CAPEX is preferred over mounting OPEX. You purchase and own your on-premise solutions, which are subject to different accounting and tax strategies.
  • Legacy system and line-of-business application support—not every application will work in the cloud; in fact many WILL NOT. In this case, it's vital to have the flexibility of your own hardware and software.
  • Regulatory compliance / risk management—highly sensitive data is typically considered better off in a more controlled environment and an on-premise solution that you own and control provides just that.
  • Maximum control and flexibility—it all  adds up to this, which may be a solution requirement for any number of reasons.

Two key points to remember about on-premise solutions

  1. Everything that can be done in the cloud can be done on-premise; however, the opposite is not true.
  2. Hosting your solution off-site still qualifies as on-premise because you own and control everything.

UTG has 10 years experience in on-premise solutions

UTG has been in business for over 10 years, long before the modern cloud. Our pedigree can be traced back to on-premise network design and implementation, server and desktop solutions, all of which we still excel at today.