Hybrid Cloud Network

The move to the cloud is not always a rip and replace.  There are many scenarios where it makes sense to maintain on-premise equipment and software while integrating with the cloud to provide additional resources as-needed.

Hybrid network designs allow you to leverage on-premise equipment and software when needed while taking advantage of the cost-efficiency and accessibility the following cloud solutions provide:

office-365-microsoft-azureOffice 365

As Cloud Champion Partners for Office 365, we excel at delivering business-ready collaboration strategies using Microsoft's cloud. Office 365 improves productivity, accessibility and security while enabling the predictability and scalability that only OpEx spending can provide.

Server and Application Hosting

Our strategic partnership with GreenCloud and participation in Microsoft's Azure Mentoring Program allow us to provide the perfect balance of Infrastructure/Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS) solution for your organization.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up to the cloud seems simple enough—that is until you have to recover. “Simple” backup and recovery is not what it seems. We will help you determine a rock-solid, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution utilizing the right cloud resource for your organizational and recovery needs.

Common Hybrid Cloud Examples

  • Migrating on-premise Microsoft BackOffice services (such as SharePoint and Exchange Server) utilizing Office 365 while keeping file sharing on-site to allow for controlled access to employees, partners and auditors.
  • Migrating most servers and services to the cloud (such as MS BackOffice, UC/VoIP and Terminal Services) while keeping financial applications on-premise.
  • Maintaining on-premise network appliances while utilizing cloud management, such as Cisco Meraki.

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