Ransomware Survival Guide

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Ransomware Survival Guide

Hardly a week goes by without ransomware making news. New variants defeat decryption tools; new decryption tools defeat those variants. Fingers are pointed: At users, at overburdened, underfunded security staff, at companies that pay (or don’t pay) the ransom.

This guide will help you understand and minimize the risk, offer best practices for preventing attacks, and give you strategies for responding after criminals have encrypted your machines.

Ransomware Survival GuideINSIDE:

  • Five things you need to know about ransomware
  • Why ransomware should haunt you all the time
  • You’ve been hit with ransomware. Now what?
  • Q&A: Responding to ransomware the right way
  • A Blue Team’s reference guide to dealing with ransomware
  • 6 things your users need to know

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