How to Select the Right Co-source IT Service Model

POSTED BY ON Fri, Dec 15, 2017

So, you don’t have all the IT expertise you need in-house to handle it all, yet you don’t want to outsource everything.. Welcome to “Co-sourcing”. Read on to learn how to select the right company and the right solution.

UTG Customer Satisfaction Beats MSP Average by 6x, Beats B2B Average by 4x

POSTED BY ON Fri, Dec 1, 2017

The results are in! UTG customers are happier than the MSP industry average by over 6x! Thanks to our expert staff, superior chat support, and technical advantages. Not to mention the hard work and dedication of our NOC and Support teams!

Here’s How to Save Thousands of Dollars Before the End of 2017

POSTED BY ON Mon, Oct 30, 2017

Learn a formula to save you $66,152.86 on your 2017 tax return by spending only $3,847.14! It’s called a Section 179 tax deduction. Read on to see exactly how this works!

7 Things Your Disaster Recovery Plan Must Include

POSTED BY ON Thu, Sep 21, 2017

2017 was a tumultuous year for cybersecurity and natural disasters. Having at least a bare-bones DR plan is absolutely essential to recovering your business.

From Outsourced IT to Co-sourced IT—The Journey from Startup to Midmarket

POSTED BY ON Mon, Aug 14, 2017

Let’s face it, most companies start off scrappy and lean. This means you probably don’t have an internal IT person—many don’t even have a contracted […]

6 Trends Shaping IT Cloud Strategies Today [Infographic]

POSTED BY ON Fri, Jul 21, 2017

According to a Forrester Research survey, 38% of enterprise decision-makers said they are building private clouds, with 32% procuring public cloud services and the remainder planning to implement some form of cloud technology this year.

Employee Training Improves Retention, Productivity and Cyber Security

POSTED BY ON Fri, Apr 21, 2017

I bet that last one, Cyber Security, caught you off-guard. More on that in a minute!

We are all busy people. For many of us, fitting all our work into any given day feels like a massive challenge. Against this backdrop, the notion of taking time away from our “jobs” for training seems completely impossible.

AWS Cloud Outage

Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud? A Reflection of the AWS Outage

POSTED BY ON Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Cloud computing has given the technological world a much-needed gift in the form of easy storage and access. Whether you are an app developer, app user or binge-watcher of shows, the cloud provides you with the flexibility to operate from everywhere without losing any of your data.

2016 Presidential Cybersecurity Showdown

2016 Presidential Cybersecurity Showdown

POSTED BY ON Tue, Oct 4, 2016

In the first presidential debate last Monday evening, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went toe-to-toe over cybersecurity, among other things. So, who came out on top, and do either of them really grasp the severity of the situation?

First and foremost, being a military veteran and having been exposed to classified information most of my military career, it is unfathomable that someone would transmit classified email on a non-government server.

Best It Services Technology Millennials

Only the Best IT Services, Tools and Technology Will do for Millennials

POSTED BY ON Fri, Sep 9, 2016

As the war for talent increases in intensity, it’s those companies that have the best IT Services, Tools, and Technology who are going to be most attractive to millennial employees. Why is that important?

Unified communications and collaboration

Unified Communications for Fantasy Football, Road Trips and Holidays

POSTED BY ON Fri, Sep 2, 2016

UTG provides Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration solutions to countless SMB and midmarket sized businesses throughout metro Atlanta and other markets. Here’s our “wish list” for how uc could be applied outside of the workplace.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions are for Small Business Too

POSTED BY ON Fri, Aug 5, 2016

People have been looking at data to improve business since the beginning of…well… business. I can see it now. 2,000 years ago, a Roman sandal-wearing street merchant […]