Jordan Outdoor Enterprises

realtree-home-logoTHE CLIENT:Jordan Outdoor Enterprises is a premier provider of camouflage patterns to the outdoor market. Since 1986, their staff has been integral in the development of numerous industry advances, including the application of camouflage on rubber, metal, plastic and leather. Headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, with 70+ full time employees spread over two sites, Jordan Outdoor enterprises is also the Parent company of, retailer of America’s most versatile camouflage patterns.

THE CHALLENGE: Jordan Outdoor Enterprises had several challenges when they originally approached UTG in 2007. First, they were facing issues with their phone system and Mac-based email solution, which PC’s were also relying on for email. Additionally, they needed to address poor networking and storage capabilities with their partner company, Immersion Graphics.

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THE SOLUTION: UTG quickly addressed the phone and email communication issues, working alongside the internal IT staff to install a Mitel phone system and establish a network-wide Microsoft Exchange solution that also supported Macs via Microsoft Entourage. Then, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises and Immersion Graphics were joined together on the same network, allowing both companies to work within the same domain. Ten poorly functioning storage servers were consolidated down to two virtual NetApp servers.

THE RESULT: The Exchange email system has proven to be both manageable and stable, a vast improvement over the previous Mac-based system. The implementation of a Mitel-based phone system has reduced communications cost by 50%. The anti-piracy experts for Jordan Outdoor Enterprises that travel throughout Asia can now contact headquarters with a four digit extension, eliminating the need for costly calling cards and international cell phones. Finally, the virtual servers have significantly reduced hardware expense and now allow for easy retrieval of information and exponential capacity for growth.

This has proven to be a very fruitful relationship for both companies. Not only does UTG get to collaborate with the client’s internal IT team to overcome their technical challenges, but we have exposed them to technologies that otherwise wouldn’t be options for them, including VMWare, Netapp, and Citrix.

“The implementation of Mitel 4 digit dialing was a huge help. Our phone line costs were cut in half. UTG continually exceeds our expectations and delivers great IT solutions.”

– Scott Danford, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises