Our UTG Career Mission

We have a mission to help businesses leverage technology as a catalyst for growth. To do this, we have created a culture that emphasizes professional and personal growth in our team so they can provide strategic opportunities to meet our partner’s business objectives. Explore our open opportunities and find out how you can join our mission.


We recognize excellence


We are advocates to each other


We are socially responsible


We are disrupters

UTG Career Evolution & Development

At UTG, we are creating a culture that believes and puts into action: career development and learning. We work with external and internal candidates to make sure we are putting the right talent in the right chair. As a UTG team member we continue to live out our value of Growth by helping our team to set personal and professional goals to develop themselves inside the company. We partner with companies such as Ingram, Cisco and Microsoft to offer our employees training programs, certification opportunities, and internal mobility.

We believe that growth is a team effort. So we have created a monthly spotlight to share the story of one employee and celebrate their personal growth wins each month.

Our Hiring Strategy

At UTG, our goal is to match talent with opportunity. To put the right person in the right seat. And that all starts with our People Plan. Find out what to expect when applying for a position at UTG
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UTG Career Hiring Strategy