Backup and Disaster Recovery

Recovering after a disaster is a costly drain on productivity.

When a disaster occurs, staff immediately shifts their focus to restoring the business operations and away from their normal operational responsibilities. Every minute lost costs the business revenue, so minimizing downtime with technology that makes it easier to return to normal business is critical.


While the type of disasters which could occur varies, the impact to your business is truly disastrous. Damage to data, reputation, customer perception, income and even your business vitality are at stake. Having a System and Data Recovery plan that recovers your entire business infrastructure in seconds can eliminate the stress of “what would happen if…”


While do-it-yourself is an option, this approach usually ends up being less efficient and less cost-effective. Variable user interfaces and no single-vendor accountability are just two challenges that can be realized during a disaster. Our Recovery Management option offers expert service and an expedited SLA in a scalable and accountable solution.


>Businesses run 365 days a year and 24/7, your data is needed in real-time. We can help you do that by implementing a Business Continuity Plan that proactively protects your systems and data against all types of disasters. Make sure your data is safe and available.

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Climactic events and human-made disasters are not the only culprits.

Power failures, hardware and network failures, human error…cause the most downtime collectively. Disaster Recovery planning should include a course of action to restore business operations for all types of fails from catastrophic to mundane.

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