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Why Hackers “Farm” and How to Avoid Being Extorted

Hacking 101 is much like Sales 101. If you close a deal with a “customer” and have “success”, you’d go back and do more business together, wouldn’t you? You’d “farm” the account because now there is a relationship. And hackers do the same thing

UTG Partners with EiQ Networks To Enhance Managed IT Security Offering

UTG leverages SOCVue to add hosted SIEM to its managed IT security offering for small to midmarket organizations.

ATLANTA, GA—(UTG – Oct. 13, 2016)—United Technology Group, a regional Managed IT and Security services provider, announces its partnership with EiQ Networks to strengthen its managed cybersecurity protection services.

2016 Presidential Cybersecurity Showdown

In the first presidential debate last Monday evening, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went toe-to-toe over cybersecurity, among other things. So, who came out on top, and do either of them really grasp the severity of the situation?

First and foremost, being a military veteran and having been exposed to classified information most of my military career, it is unfathomable that someone would transmit classified email on a non-government server.