Let’s face it, most companies start off scrappy and lean. This means you probably don’t have an internal IT person—many don’t even have a contracted IT professional or anywhere to turn for IT problems aside from perhaps calling for hardware or software manufacturer support (if you’ve had the displeasure of suffering through this, we feel for you!!)

Soon, however, your small businesses will begin growing, perhaps getting some funding along the way (awesome!), and a scrappy approach to IT no longer meets business demands. By the time companies grow to 10 or 15 in staff and have their own office space, IT typically needs dedicated attention.

In order to support users, manage IT assets, handle contracts and vendor relationships, many small companies will either nominate the most tech savvy person in the company to take all of this on (in addition to their normal duties) or contract with a “Two-Men and a Truck” type of IT company.  Either approach might work for a while, but neither approach is a scalable solution for a company that continues to grow.

The solution? Outsourced IT.

Outsourced IT

Outsourced IT is TurnkeyWhen you outsource your IT, you essentially hand over all of your IT needs to a third-party provider. They take over daily IT support as well as future planning to meet your business and technology objectives.

Outsourced IT is ideal for small businesses that have no formal IT department but need IT systems to operate smoothly and reliably (not all SMBs rely on technology enough to invest in outsourced IT).

What are the benefits of outsourced IT?

Outsourced IT is a “turnkey” solution that takes the responsibility and worry of IT off internal leadership to allow them to focus on your core business. Outsourced IT provides multiple benefits to small and medium sized businesses by managing all IT operations. You gain access to IT professionals with skills and expertise that would not be feasible to hire full time. They are able to learn your IT environment and begin providing the IT support you need.

What are the challenges of outsourced IT?

The two biggest challenges to a “one size fits all” approach to IT are flexibility and cooperation.  With outsourced IT, business decisions and IT decisions easily become disconnected.  When IT and business decisions are not made with consideration for each other, tension between the two quickly develops.

In order to solve this disconnect between business and IT, one solution is to hire an internal IT person, such as an IT Coordinator, IT Project Manager or IT Director.  The goal of this role is to bridge the gap between IT decisions and business decisions as well as to provide technical skills and capability.  However, once an internal IT resource is hired, the “turnkey” solution of outsourced IT no longer makes sense.

Co-sourced IT – The Best of Both Worlds and Our Specialty

As your organization grows, you’ll inevitably outgrow the outsourced IT model. The complexity of your needs and flexibility required to work in tandem with internal IT quickly transitions to a co-sourced model. In this model, your IT partner helps to identify and fill your skillset gaps, and provides additional bandwidth rather than forcing a one-size-fits all solution. Whereas outsourced IT providers tend not to share administrative access and technical documentation with clients, a co-sourcing model understands the need for sharing administrative access and all documentation in order to effectively work together.

Focusing on co-sourced IT is what sets UTG apart from other IT providers.

What are the benefits of UTG’s Co-Sourced Model?

Dedicated Resources

On the surface, it is easy to judge an IT company based on the number of employees. But more important than the size of an organization, is the composition of the team. At UTG, we are well equipped with senior resources to skillfully execute on your IT needs and future planning.

Project Management

Just about every IT company will offer some form of project management, but who is doing that project management?  Are they PMP certified?  Do they have other responsibilities distracting from project management or is project management their exclusive focus?  UTG recognizes the impact project management can have on your business and dedicates PMP certified Project Managers to ensure success.

Account Management and IT Road-mapping

Much like project management, IT Road-mapping is a standard offering among IT providers.  However, you’ll want to consider some important questions:

  • Has this consultant sat in your shoes as a former IT Director or CIO?
  • Does this consultant have a track record of providing expert consultation for over a decade?

At UTG, the answer is yes and yes. Whether you are an IT Director/Manager, CIO, or business leader, our consultants have demonstrated success in your role prior to joining UTG—it’s a requirement.

Enterprise-quality Tools

UTG shares full access to our enterprise toolset with our clients. This helps us work with your IT staff whether we’re dividing and conquering together or they just want visibility. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We have invested heavily in software and infrastructure and to bring enterprise-level tools into our client’s IT environments. We also have a full-time manager dedicated to maintaining, optimizing, and improving our tool stack every day to provide the following benefits to our clients:

  • Single, integrated IT management console with comprehensive automation to centrally manage all of your IT
  • Multi-factor and single-sign-on
  • Full network monitoring, patch and firmware management, and remote access
  • Updated and shared documentation
  • Enterprise Backup and Security for your data
  • End user training and testing


UTG Security Prevent Detect Respond Diagram
Certifications, experience, and partnerships are all crucial to a comprehensive security offering.  With a CISSP certified security expert and a security officer with years of experience as a CIO in the healthcare industry, we can provide trustworthy recommendations for your security. Additionally, through our partnerships, we can provide any compliance needs as well as advanced security services like penetration testing and forensics.

Want to make an immediate positive impact on your Security posture?  Here are some recommendations:

  1. UTG Vulnerability Management: Real Time Scanning of internal & External Networks with CVSS Scoring
  2. UTG Detector Appliance: Identify security issues caused by anomalies, changes and threats
  3. UTG Security Awareness Training: Phishing Campaigns & Employee Training
  4. UTG Backups: Offsite and regular restores
  5. UTG Anti-virus & Anti-ransomware protection

Is UTG the right fit for you?

At this point, you have a much clearer picture of the options available to you, but how do you choose the best option? Typically, the clients that benefit the most from UTG's offerings are in one of these situations:

Small Businesses Outgrowing Current IT

Common Challenges:

  • Response & resolution times measured in days instead of hours
  • Skill set expertise not competent for new complexity in IT environment
  • Internal person doing IT also has other responsibilities
  • Looking for a solution that can grow with you and promote your growth
  • Figuring out best IT investments
  • Looking for a scalable outsourced provider that can grow with the company and adapt to a co-sourced model when ready

Midmarket Organizations with Growing IT Needs and an Internal IT Department

Common Challenges

  • Relying on a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for project work rather than strategic managed service partner
  • Scattered toolset for managing IT environment (patching, monitoring, remote support, policy management, security, help desk, etc.) and looking for a cohesive, streamlined tool stack
  • Difficulty planning IT budget for upcoming year and would like predictable IT costs that align with business objectives
  • Internal skill set gap for specific technologies in IT environment
  • Internal staff short on bandwidth but not wanting to hire another full time employee
  • Difficulty supporting remote locations/offices
  • You are a healthcare or finance organization or you work with government organizations, and you need to ensure compliance regulations are met
  • Looking for a strategic co-sourced provide to partner with them

Do either of these sound like you? Does it sound like we might be a fit? Let’s Talk!

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