7 Cloud Security Tips for Your Organization

Brian Miller

Do you find it difficult to manage cloud security in your organization? Here are seven tips that will help you effectively secure your cloud environments.

7 – Back Up Your Data

Is all your data backed up? If not, you could be in trouble. Ensure your data is backed up in the cloud—that way, your sensitive information is safe and accessible at all times.

6 – Perform Tests Regularly

Lesson learned, when looking for a cloud provider, make sure they are full-service so when you need to implement new technology that you are unfamiliar with they possess the ability to provide a solution and not throw the burden of design, deploy and management back onto your already overflowing plate. Vulnerability scanning tools are valuable because they enable you to evaluate your cloud provider’s level of security and ensure they are performing consistently. Understand how cloud security testing works, so you can better understand how to evaluate the safety of your cloud environments.

5 – Protect Your Password

A recent Deloitte study indicated that 90 percent of user-generated passwords were vulnerable to hacking. However, users that use a combination of characters, numbers, mixed-case letters and non-alphanumeric symbols can instantly boost their cloud security levels.

4 – Use Two-Factor Authentication

When it comes to protecting data that is stored in the cloud, adding another security layer can be crucial.Two-factor authentication adds a step to the login process,but it can reduce the risk of cloud security dangers becoming major problems for you. The benefits of two-factor authentication can further minimize the risk of cloud security issues.

3 – Deploy Encryption Tools

Are you fully aware of the benefits of encryption? Encryption adds another layer of security to your cloud environment. Ask your cloud provider about encryption and its benefits. Seek help to deploy encryption tools, which will help reduce your cloud security risks.

2 – Implement a Cloud Security Plan

How should you approach cloud security? Your organization should understand the importance of cloud security, along with the dangers associated with it. Implementing an effective cloud security plan begins with awareness.

1 – Educate Your Employees

Are your employees familiar with cloud security dangers? An employee who understands these problems can take the necessary steps to minimize their risk. Educate your organization about cloud security issues so that employees can do what it takes to better secure their cloud environments.

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