[Webinar May 4th] Get More from Your Cisco Investment with Cisco ONE from UTG!

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[Webinar May 5th] — Making Software Buying Simple—Cisco ONE Software is a valuable and flexible way for you to buy software for your data center, WAN, and access domains. At each stage in the product lifecycle, Cisco ONE Software helps make buying, managing, and upgrading your network and infrastructure software easier.

CYBERSECURITY: Game Planning for Success lunch and learn event

CYBERSECURITY: Game Planning for Success Event [SlideShare]

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To everyone that attended the event,

I’d like to say thank you! I hope you found the information useful and left with some valuable takeaways as well!

If you weren’t able to join us, then I especially hope you find this event content useful.

Cybersecurity is a very serious and growing problem that costs companies BILLIONS in damages each year. Only knowledge and proactiveness can protect your company, employees and customers. Read more and download the event slide deck!

Online Collaboration

An Online Collaboration Solution is Only the Beginning

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The modern workplace has changed drastically since the days of sitting alone in an isolated cubicle, with the only human interaction coming from a few minutes around the water cooler. Teamwork and group efforts, especially when leveraging online collaboration tools, mean that employees can learn from each other and depend on each other more than ever before, and it has led to a boom in productivity.


10 Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity

POSTED BY ON Fri, Apr 15, 2016

It seems you can’t turn on the news lately without hearing about some serious cyber attack or vulnerability. Today’s cyber threat landscape costs companies BILLIONS in damages each year! Here are 10 things you should know about cybersecurity.


Why Healthcare Needs Unified Communications and BYOD

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That’s a hefty chunk of acronyms, to be sure, but UC and BYOD are two of the biggest technology trends in healthcare and many other […]


Don’t Have an Internal Knowledge Base? Here’s Why You Need One

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In companies of any size, the IT department is often one of the most overstretched and under resourced. Every employee in the company needs the help of IT at one time or another, and there often aren’t enough personnel or resources to go around.


Your Mac is No Longer Impervious to Malware

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Claud Xiao and Jin Chen of Palo Alto Networks reported on the threat noting that attackers infected two installers of Transmission version 2.90 with KeRanger on the morning of March 4.

The malware came bundled with an update to Transmission—a popular open-source bittorrent client.

Upon installing the app, the ransomware “begins encrypting certain types of document and data files on the system.”


A Cautionary Tale—When Businesses Fail to Evolve

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Nokia was/is a well-known brand. It didn’t commit any specific large-scale blunder that put the nails in the coffin—the world simply changed too fast for them. Its opponents were too powerful. They failed to learn, failed to change, and paid the ultimate price.


UTG to Sponsor Cyber Security Conference in Birmingham, AL

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BIRMINGHAM, AL — (UTG – February 26, 2016) — United Technology Group is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Alabama Cyber Now Conference on April 5, 2016, at Regions Park in Birmingham, Alabama.


Cisco Meraki—Get Four Years of Free Licensing!

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Between now and July 30, 2016 all first-time Meraki switch customers who buy any MS switch are eligible for a discount on five year licenses.

The cost of a five year MS license will be roughly equivalent to the list price of a one year license.

Basically, that’s four years of licensing FREE!


How the Cloud is Changing IT Culture

POSTED BY ON Fri, Feb 19, 2016

As enterprises are moving to the cloud, it’s changing a whole lot more than just where companies’ data and services are sitting.

IT stakeholders and users alike who have embarked on this journey know this to be true. But let’s take a look at exactly what kind of impact the cloud is making in the workplace today…


7 Productivity Secrets of Sports Champions

POSTED BY ON Fri, Feb 12, 2016

1. Understand planning vs. execution. Football legend Steve Young said, “I was taught early on that I should plan my work and then work my […]