Here’s How to Conduct the Easiest Cloud Risk Assessment

Leave a comment / Posted By Eric Dykes on Fri, Jun 19, 2015

Should you worry about the risks of cloud computing? Well, perhaps.. But I think worry is the wrong word. In fact, it’s the wrong idea. I believe it’s more about evaluating and understanding the risk / reward ratio. Here’s how to conduct an extremely simple cloud risk assessment: First: list all the benefits you’re expecting to receive from...

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The 7 Books Bill Gates Wants You to Read This Summer

Leave a comment / Posted By Brian Miller on Fri, Jun 12, 2015

Becoming the richest man in the world is no accident. Among other things, it takes a life-long commitment to learning and growth, so it should come as no surprise that Bill Gates is a voracious reader—heavy reads, light reads, even breezy beach reads from time to time. He even has a tradition of publishing an annual “Beach...

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How Technology Impacts Small Business [Infographic]

Leave a comment / Posted By Eric Dykes on Fri, May 8, 2015

Technology is changing the way business is done—period. Never before has there been a greater opportunity to revolutionize your small business. The modern SMB is working differently—they’re more productive, capable, efficient and competitive than ever before. And it’s due largely to technology. But owning technology is not the key. Rather, it’s  how technology is applied and its pervasiveness within your...

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Do You Really Need an All-Flash Storage Array?

Leave a comment / Posted By Mike Verner on Fri, May 1, 2015

OK, so all-flash arrays (just like it sounds) are storage arrays that exclusively use flash-memory or SSDs for primary storage. All-flash arrays are really targeted at extremely high-transaction applications where speed / time is money. For example, stock trading and financial platforms or huge e-commerce sites. All-flash arrays are still very few and far between.

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Cloud Computing and IT Spend Rising in 2015

Leave a comment / Posted By Brian Miller on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

When it comes to IT spend, some years are “wait and see” years and others are spending years. I see the last 12 months as being a bit of a coming of age for cloud solutions across the board, with Microsoft leading the pack with Office 365 and Azure. Finally—cloud solutions that truly save you money while truly making enterprise-class...

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ChatAssist Now Available for Live Chat Technical Support!

Leave a comment / Posted By Mike Verner on Mon, Apr 6, 2015

In our 2015 Q1 Service and Support Update, we first revealed our plans to implement an all-new online chat and presence service for technical support. Today, I’m proud to announce that we have successfully concluded our pilot program and are now fully utilizing ChatAssist to provide technical support to our customers! If you are a managed client with...

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Five Cloud Questions Every CIO Must Be Able To Answer

Leave a comment / Posted By Brian Miller on Fri, Mar 27, 2015

Quantifying the overall value cloud brings to your organization (as well as you, personally) is critical to your decision-making process. We think every CIO needs to know how to answer the following five cloud questions: 1. Where do you start? Don’t fall into the trap or forgoing cloud because you don’t know where to start—just start...

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UTG Acquires Magnicom, Further Expanding IT Managed Services and Vertical Expertise

Leave a comment / Posted By Brian Miller on Fri, Feb 13, 2015

ATLANTA, GA—(UTG – Feb 13, 2015)—United Technology Group, a provider of IT services in metro Atlanta, announces the acquisition of Magnicom, a veteran managed services provider with specialties in financial and healthcare verticals. This latest acquisition adds tenured technical personnel and expands UTG’s MSP operations. Founded in 2004, UTG’s headquarters in Suwanee, GA., serves the IT...

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